XR Community Zone

The XR Community Zone is a virtual reality space in AltSpaceVR to socialize with others from the global XR community. The XR Community Zone is always open to everybody who confirms to the code of conduct.

Join the XR Community Zone

XR Community Zone is hosted in AltSpaceVR. You can join the XR Community Zone via a Windows Desktop or using one of the many available Virtual Reality devices. Make sure you have the AltSpaceVR app installed on your computer or Virtual Reality device. There are two ways of joining the virtual reality space.

You can join by invitation via a person who is already known by the space. Or RSVP via the website to get the event in your “Interested events” list.


The Global XR Talks has its own AltSpaceVR GlobalXRTalks channel. You will find the XR Community Zone under there.  Each event session can be found there too.

Learn about AltSpaceVR 101

AltSpaceVR has a great community which loves to help you out. they provide AltSpaceVR 101 sessions which help you to learn and understand how to use AltSpaceVR.  Look for upcoming AltSpaceVR 101 events online. And if you are still in doubt, we love to help you! Just approach one of the moderators in the XR Community Zone or one the present community members.

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