Session Structure

To support every time zone in the world sessions are streamed live and also recorded on our YouTube channel. This way you can watch all sessions at a later time as well – although you won’t be able to interact with the speakers then.

The session times below are in Pacific Standard Time (PST). Check you own time by using this converter.

Session block

  • 09:30 PST

    Opening doors and virtual drinks

    Take your time to get ready and see who is also attending the session.

  • 10:00 PST

    XR Sessions

    Watch one or more sessions, talks or interviews on our YouTube livestream. Check out Next Events for session details.

    10:00 PST

  • 11:30 PST

  • 12:30 PST

    Goodbye friends

    See you all next time!

    12:30 PST

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