Global XR Talks

The Global XR Community proudly presents the Global XR Talks. Global XR Talks allow the global XR community to attend several online and live sessions by others from the community. Sessions are streamed live to YouTube and AltSpaceVR allowing every attendee to join via any device or go into virtual reality and watch the session together with others. Any talk is welcome as long as it is related to virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality and WebXR. Anyone from the community is welcome to attend or to speak at the event!

Join us in virtual reality

Global XR Talks will be using AltSpaceVR as the virtual platform for virtual socializing. AltSpaceVR is the premier place to attend live shows, meetups, workshops and many more together with others in virtual reality. It is supported in 2D on Windows PC and Android and in 3D on a large range of virtual reality devices. You only need to register once, RSVP for the event and you good to go. More about attending the event in AltSpaceVR is described here.

Supported time zones

To support every time zone in the world sessions are send out twice. Depending on the speakers region one of the session is live and the other will be a recorded one. So how does that work? Actually simple! The speaker gives his preference for the time slot. The other time slot becomes a recording. Since each session will be recorded they can be viewed back anytime through our YouTube channel.

Meetup Channel
YouTube Channel
Discord Server
AltSpaceVR Channel